Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Car Mounts and Audio Dubbing

So it's been a while since I last updated, christmas and new years have passed and I thought i'd better put finger to keyboard once again.

I've just recieved my latest piece of kit, a Manfrotto 150mm suction mount and ball head for use as a car mount. It's a great piece of kit, but I must admit I'm a little worried about trusting my camera with it! I'll be heading out to do some car mount tests sometime soon, once the weather improves.

Editing on the short film is proceeding, albeit at a much slower pace than i'd like, working a full time job and spending time with the family at weekends mean I've just not been putting in the hours on the edit.

So, I've decided to make a strong push to the finish and get this one out of the way. The picture edit is done, and very close to final, some grading remains to be tweaked, and there are two 'video phone' screen vfx shots to be created and comped.

The audio post production has been my main focus since January, shooting on the 550d results in terrible audio quality as the in-built microphone is atrocious and there is little point in plugging a decent microphone as there are no manual audio levels controls.

This led to dialogue being recorded on DAT on location and the rest of the sound is being completely fabricated in post. I've been adding everything from footsteps, ambient sounds and gunshots. It's a labourious task, but the end result is definitely hitting the high-end 'hollywood' feel that I am looking for.

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