Saturday, 27 November 2010

November in the edit

November is drawing to a close and I've been busy editing my 'Bourne' style short film. This is the first time I have spent so long on editing, usually I tend to fine-tune the edit as I go and finish with what is basically a first-draft edit. This time I am trying a different approach, i've been putting together a rough assembly edit, and then I will work on reducing and fine-tuning it over a period of several days.

Right now I have an almost complete edit which is already running five and a half minutes, although I expect the final film to be closer to three minutes. It's been very liberating to try this rough-edit approach instead of labouring over every edit as I go.

I've also taken delivery of my new toy, a Lilliput 7" 669GL-70NPCH monitor, which should prove to be a real help with my 550D rig as it will give both a bigger image to focus with, and having a positionable monitor should really help with framing when the camera is in awkward positions.

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