Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Clean Slate

Another day, another new bit of video gear arrives at the house. This time it's a new white perspex clapperboard. A bit different from the heavy old wooden Panavision clapperboards I used when shooting with the Arri, and also a lot cleaner, with an easy write-on-wipe-off surface for marker pens instead of using dusty old pieces of chalk.

It's really weird stepping back to using a seperate sound recorder and a clapperboard to sync the sound, after using camcorders for so long, the changeover to HDSLR is a lot like going back to film.

It's all part of continuing to get ready for the big shoot, now postponed to the end of August while I wrap up work in Stockholm, and I've been testing out my editing setup with the 550D H264 files, definitely a lot harder to work with than the old A1 HDV footage. I may need to upgrade my editing PC to a more serious spec.

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