Sunday, 23 May 2010

In the loupe

Another day, another accessory for the HDSLR. It's certainly an expensive business setting up one of these cameras for video use!

I've now added an lcd screen loupe to my rig, this one is made by Hoodman, and is a lot cheaper than the Zacuto loupe. It's basically a large piece of moulded rubber with a magnifying glass attached. It lets you see the lcd screen clearly in daylight, eliminating the glare and reflection on the screen.

You can either hold it against the screen, fix it in place with elastic bands, or order one of the various aftermarket fixing solutions, like the cavision mounting frame. For now I have mine held to the camera with elastic bands. Not the most elegant of solutions, but it's cheap!

My old D-Focus follow focus fits the 550d easily, and now that I have a set of IndiSystem DLSR rails, the rig is really coming together.

Still need a mattebox, so that will be my next purchase. Hopefully in time for my forthcoming short film shoot next month.

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