Sunday, 15 November 2009

Mattebox Time

So my prize from the short film competition finally arrived. My first ever follow-focus, and very cool it is too. This particular model is the latest version of a budget gear set designed by a one man outfit over in the States.

I got it up and running pretty quick, fitted to my shrigg-rig and it certainly makes my HV outfit look a lot more complicated and impressive!

Now all I need is a mattebox to complete the set-up. Probably an indirails product as their rails turned out to be pretty good, although I do see a lot of cheaper matteboxes coming out of India and China on ebay. Might be worth taking a chance on one of those.

My Cokin filters are smaller than the standard 4x4 filter size used in most matteboxes, so I will also need to upgrade to their pro series filters, which will be a bit more expensive and will mean fewer filters in the short term as I'm not about to go replacing all of them in one go.

In the meantime, my follow-focus should get it's first outing soon as I am shooting an entry for a 60 second film contest, and I plan to use the HV for that.

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