Saturday, 13 March 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

I spent a couple of days at the Swedish office last week, negotiating with the team that will be taking over the physical asset creation on our current project. It was fun to be back in Stockholm again, and I feel like I pretty much ate the whole time I was there. At least I managed to stick to fairly authentic cuisene, venison meatballs, and goulash. Such a great city.

Predictably, the HD-DSLR bug has bitten, and I did end up splashing out on a new Canon 550d, which was pretty exciting. I've had a a play with it, and I did some test shooting in and around the house which really seem to point to this being an excellent camera. The low-light shooting is really impressive, and other than the lack of zoom or decent sound recording, it's a great camera.

I'm going to sell my Shrigg-Rig and 35mm adaptor as the 550d will be far easier to use for any DOF shooting, and this will free up my HV30 to become a run-and-gun camera.

I just discovered which is a great resource forum for anyone shooting video with these Canon DSLR cameras, and it really feels like this new type of camera is an area which is really hot right now.

The ASC magazine had yet another article on DSLR shooting in the latest issue, and it seems like everyone is talking about these cameras.

Of course it's not all great, there are some pretty obvious rolling shutter issues for one thing, and the fast SD-Cards needed for video are certainly not cheap.

Tomorrow I'll be heading up to the Ultimate Dubs car show at Telford, so the 550d will be along for the ride, it'l be my first real test with this camera and I've got high hopes for some great footage.

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