Sunday, 17 January 2010

Living in the future!

2010 is here and still no flying cars, although plenty of areas in the city look grim enough to stand in for the citadels of almost any cinematic dystopia of the last fifty years.

One of this years projects will be an update of a student project I made almost twenty years ago (doesn't seem that long, but it is). I plan to try and reference some of the locations used in films like 'Clockwork Orange' which was shot in several local landmarks and public buildings.

Right now I am working on my next project. Final submission for the local film festival is at the end of February, so I'm working towards having at least one submission ready for that. The theme of the festival is 'Passion' and I've come up with an idea that should fit nicely with that. I always find it difficult to get ideas, and having a theme actually made it a lot easier for me to come up with an idea. The only question is whether my idea fits wholly into the 'Passion' theme and doesn't overlap too much into 'Love' or 'Lust' which are closely linked. Time will tell if I have chosen well!

The other project would be entered in the mobile-phones category, where all the entries have to be short (1min or less) films and they need to be filmed on mobile. I loved the old Pixel-Vision film 'Another Girl, Another Planet' and this could be an opportunity to do something similar, deliberately using a really bad quality video camera to shoot a film. I would plan to shoot it as if on a high quality camera, lights, tripods, tracks and all the rest, just with a tiny and deliberately poor quality mobile phone as the camera.

Should be an interesting few weeks ahead as I get the shoot organised.

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