Saturday, 5 September 2009

How many pages?

So after plugging away for about half an hour a day on my train journey to work, I have finally finished the latest attempt at writing a script which mainly features 'Two blokes in a room'. The thinking is that any more than two actors and one main location is a bit unwieldy, so I have made several attempts to write something simple and this latest one has perhaps turned out more useable than the rest.

Every time I sit down to write a script, I seem to end up rapidly escalating the amount of stunts/vfx/locations/characters to the point where it is prohibitively time-consuming or expensive to make the project.

Even on this one, there is a fair amount of effects work required, but the central characters are at least, in a room, and free of anything more complicatd than a load of dialogue. The script was ten pages, but once properly formatted it's hitting 15 pages, so it'll need some trimming to hit my self-imposed maximum of 10mins duration.

Next step will be to run it past a couple of writer friends and get the dialogue whipped into shape, then begins the process of planning the shoot, storyboarding and possibly animating a rough previz version of the project.

More soon.

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