Wednesday, 29 April 2009

First Post - yay!

Blogging. it's for sad, self obsessed losers who have no life and spend all their waking hours in front of their hig-spec pc's. Not that I do anything like that.

This will be a diary, a randomly (sparsely) updated collection of thoughts on filmmaking or something like that, as I finally get around to finishing that script and getting on with shooting something for myself instead of ammassing equipment, lights, microphones and procrastinating endlessly on 'the screenplay' or randomly generating visual effects tests.

The Arriflex is sold on ebay, and the shiny new HDV prosumer camera is a year old yet still languishes in it's flight case with only 1hr on the heads, the lights are in the loft but at least I finally finished assembling the home-built 35mm lens adaptor for my palmcorder.

The future is like a dark highway at night... or at least like a gloomy waiting room full of tattered magazines and threadbare seats. Time to stop waiting and get back out into the daylight.

First order of business is to get shooting. So second order of business is to find something to shoot. Which I think I might just have done.

More soon.

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